Auramark specializes in investigation, enforcement and other related services in Vietnam.


We are here to protect your Intellectual Property Rights from the infringements.

Techniques & Legal Compliance

Auramark, among few companies, is licensed by the Vietnamese Government for investigation services under the Business Registration No. 0107443131. We strictly comply with the regulations on investigation to ensure that our activities are legal and the collected information is accepted by the authorities.

During an investigation, our investigators will utilize many research tools and techniques. We may:

  • perform background and financial investigations on individuals and businesses involved in the infringement
  • survey known geographical areas for trademark infringement and counterfeit goods
  • use digital forensic techniques and intricate web search capabilities to identify who is responsible for the infringement
  • preserve data and devices of possible suspects
  • conduct covert or ‘undercover’ investigations to obtain product samples and photographic evidence of suspect products or service mark infringements, and identify manufacturers and distributors suspected of infringing materials
  • obtain witness testimony
  • use surveillance on relevant individuals and locations
  • conduct thorough research into a client’s patent or trademark to seek out any competing products
  • investigate any employees who have either left the company or have access to the intellectual property
  • monitor competitors and their licensees, distributors, and importers
  • catalogue and document seized products to ensure proper “chain of custody” to ensure evidence may be used in court

In addition to the above techniques, since counterfeited and pirated products are often sold online, such as fake medications and luxury items, our investigators may:

  • monitor online auction websites for counterfeit products,
  • locate and search multiple websites and domain names, and
  • conduct supply chain investigations to find the sellers, manufacturers, distributors, packagers, and any others involved.