Auramark specializes in investigation, enforcement and other related services in Vietnam.


We are here to protect your Intellectual Property Rights from the infringements.

Online investigation

Auramark’s multi-disciplinary team of attorneys, investigators, intelligence agents, data analysts, and cyber specialists have successfully executed a wide range of investigations relating to Copyright infringements, trademark infringements, counterfeits and unfair competition acts. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll put our team to work for you.


Methods and tools for conducting an online investigation are constantly changing. It’s important for investigators to stay ahead of new strategies and technologies used to find information online. Counterfeits and pirated content such as films, TV, music, books, software and games, are no longer just found in local markets – they are now easily available across the internet on auction sites, online market places, dedicated websites and social media.


Our expert online investigation service is constantly developing pioneering methods and techniques to quickly identify infringing websites, links and posts, keeping us at the forefront of online digital investigation.


Working closely with other key services within Auramark, such as onsite investigation and enforcement, our online investigation experts map and track infringers, organisations, illegal IT networks and organised crime groups.


Auramark’s online investigation service is entirely flexible and can be tailored on a case-by-case basis. We have the capability to act immediately and ensure swift action, outcomes and removal of content.