Auramark specializes in investigation, enforcement and other related services in Vietnam.


We are here to protect your Intellectual Property Rights from the infringements.


Taking steps to protect your IPR is an important aspect of preserving the rights and value of that IP. However, without vigilant enforcement when there are breaches of the rights by a third party, the effort of protecting the IPR becomes less useful. Auramark offers enforcement services in both four-wall and digital counterfeiting sectors to its international and local clients.

Assessment on infringement

When pursuing an IP enforcement case in Vietnam, counsel will often inform rights holders about the need to obtain a VIPRI opinion as a first step. VIPRI (Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute), a quasi-governmental organisation, is the only agency in Vietnam authorised to provide expert opinions (statutorily known as assessment conclusions) on IP infringement. Rights […]

Sending C&D Letter

A cease and desist letter is a legal notification sent to an individual or business that you consider infringes your intellectual property (IP). It is commonly used e.g. as a first step in alleged cases of trademark, patent and copyright infringement. Normally, a cease and desist letter contains information regarding the legal rights involved (e.g. […]

Enforcement actions

The enforcement system of IP rights in Vietnam offers three different avenues, namely civil, administrative and criminal actions. I/ Administrative Procedures Administrative procedure is regarded as the most effective way to deal with IPR infringement in Vietnam perhaps because the Vietnamese are culturally familiar with the administrative ways of settling disputes. Practice showns that administrative […]

Border Control

According to the current law in Vietnam, procedures for border control are divided into 02 procedures include Registration procedures for watching at border gates and Procedures for temporary suspension of customs clearance.They are indicated as below: a) Registration procedures for watching at border gates The application for border gate watching should be filed to the […]

Domain Name Dispute

In Vietnam, for the years of 2000s, domain name disputes started to occur and now trend to be more increasing. However, since no Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) for domain name .VN is issued by Vietnam’s authority, thus almost disputes are either still pending or are not thoroughly resolved. Method of conciliation among the related parties […]