Auramark specializes in investigation, enforcement and other related services in Vietnam.


We are here to protect your Intellectual Property Rights from the infringements.

Market Survey

Auramark’s multi-disciplinary team of attorneys, investigators, intelligence agents, data analysts, and cyber specialists have successfully executed a wide range of investigations relating to Copyright infringements, trademark infringements, counterfeits and unfair competition acts. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll put our team to work for you.


It is not always that the IPR holders have information about a particular infringer or counterfeit goods. Sometimes, the IPR holders wish us to check whether there is any infringing product/service in the market, so that they are able to take the enforcement actions timely.


In the market survey, we will list out some suspected traders, which could be the stores, websites, supermarkets, etc., and collect general information about them. In case we find their infringements, the investigations against them will be conducted.