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Counterfeit goods growing into serious social issue


Vietnamese consumers are besieged by counterfeit goods that are invading every area of life – from household items to electronics, clothes, and even health products – exerting a genuinely negative effect on consumers’ health and original manufacturers’ benefits. Over the past years, the manufacturing and sales of counterfeit goods and other forms of intellectual property […]

Ho Chi Minh City is a target area of transport, storage and trafficking of smuggled cigarettes


It is assessed by the Standing Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Steering Committee 389, after 4 years (from October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2018) of implementing the Prime Minister’s Directive 30/CT-TTg dated September 30, 2014 on strengthening the anti-smuggling of cigarettes. After 4 years implementing the Prime Minister’s Directive, the competent forces as […]

Research on Judicial Expertise in Vietnam


1. Definition of Judicial Expertise According to Article 2.1 of Law on Judicial Expertise: “Judicial expertise means that judicial expertise performers use scientific, technical and professional knowledge, means and methods to make expert conclusions regarding matters related to the criminal investigation, prosecution and trial and enforcement of criminal judgments or settlement of civil cases and […]